It is our great honor and pleasure to announce the 6th International Academy of Perinatal Medicine and International Symposium on Fetal Neurology to be firstly held in Asia at Osaka city of Japan on October 22nd to 24th, 2010.

Osaka is the center of the culture, education, science, medicine, industry and economy in the west Japan. Internationally Osaka is linked with foreign countries through Osaka KANSAI airport that is the most convenient entrance to visit Osaka city. Osaka is close to Kyoto and Nara cities which are the most traditional and historical places of Japan.

Osaka is also connected Tokyo capital and other important cities by the super-express train, SHINKANSEN. The IAPM ceremonial and administrative meetings are held in the palace of historical SUMIYOSHITAISHA shrine, and the scientific meeting of Fetal Neurology Symposium composed of many famous experts in the field is held at International House Osaka that is close to the congress hotel (Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka). In October, We are sincerely pleased to welcome all of you to Osaka, Japan, on October, 2010.

October 2009

ISFN Organizers

Kazuo Maeda
Ritsuko K. Pooh
Asim Kurjak
Mami Yamasaki