Scientific Program

Program , Time schedule (click here)

October 22nd 12:00-16:15
Precongress sessions (in Japanese language)

Basic knowledge of Fetal Neurology

October 22nd 16:30-19:40
Opening Ceremony

Presidential Lecture ; Prof. Erich Saling (Germany)

Keynote Lecture ; Prof. Asim Kurjak (Croatia)
Keynote Lecture ; Prof.
Roberto Romero (USA)
Keynote Lecture ; Prof. Kazunobu Sawamoto(Japan)
Keynote Lecture ; Prof. Robert Brent (USA)
Keynote Lecture ; Prof. Gregor Kasprian (Austria)
Keynote Lecture ;  Prof. Milos Judas (Croatia)
Keynote Lecture ;  Prof. Kazuo Maeda(Japan)

October 23rd  8:40-18:00
Plenary lectures (symposium)

* Ethics in Fetal Neurology
* Neuroembryology
* Embryonal Neuropathology
* Brain Damage
* Prevention of maldevelopment
* Molecular Genetics in Fetal/Neonatal Neurology
* Hydrocephalus
* Neonatal Neurology
* Brain death
* Fetal Biological Clock

October 24th  8:40-16:00
Plenary lectures (symposium)

* Fetal Behavior
* Up-to-date Neuroimaginvg (USG, MRI)
* Challenges to Detection of Migration Disorder in early stage

* Up-to-date Neuropathology
* Up-to-date Neurosurgery
* iPS (Induced pluripotent stem cells)